SideBySide-net Internet Dance Festival

SidebySide takes a bow - thank you and goodbye!

Dear artists, fans and supporters,

we would like to thank you a lot for your longstanding attention and participation. You were awesome!

In the recent decade, our international online-dancefestival SidebySide-net has risen to become a cross-cultural platform for the freelance dance scne worldwide. Participating artists were enabled to reach a broad international audience and many of them have become big names, which makes us very proud. In our view, the positive feedback of artists, viewers and the press have proven that innovative art can be successfully mediated by innovative means of presentation.

Unfortunately, this year we were forced to make a hard decision: Many general circumstances of the cultural scene drove us to not continue our festival any more. As you may imagine, this was no easy step to take. But we made a well-considered and definite decision. 10 years of SidebySide-net were a great time full of great impressions and wonderful memories, but it won't get any better than this. Therefore it's now time for us to step back and leave the stage to others.

This festival-website will dissappear on December 3st 2015. Please feel free to watch all dance clips on our youtube-channel or keep in touch via Facebook

Keep moving

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