SideBySide-net Internet Dance Festival

Platform for freelance dance scene established

About 150.000 spectators in eight years speak for themselves: The international internet dance festival SideBySide-net has established itself a cross-cultural platform for the freelance dance scene. Our goal is to give dance and young talented artists a greater presence in people’s minds.

Following our call for proposals in spring, we receive a multitude of top-class applications from artists of different styles from all over the world. Our external international expert panel then chooses a selection that tries to represent the diversity of dance. Shortly after that, the nominees’ short clips are put online. The visitors of this website » watch & vote to decide on their favorites who receive prizes.

All participating artists profit from showing their art to such a broad international audience. The strong feedback from artists and viewers likewise proves that innovative art can be successfully mediated by innovative means of presentation.

The concept as such is unique