Michele Hanlon

Choreography "The Guitarist / Outside-in"

Title of the choreography The Guitarist / Outside-in
Videoclip 240 Seconds
  • Jennifer Mabus
  • Kevin Hanlon
    David Anderson
    Kim Corbet
Video production
  • Luis Midence

"The guitarist/outside-in depicts the journey of an eccentric individual attempting to find her way in the world. The chair represents all things ‘normal’ and the expectations of others. The dancer attempts to come to terms with these and find ways to co-exist with the world without losing the individuality that defines her.
The guitarist/outside-in was first conceived as a study of the cubist painting by Pablo Picasso. Elements of this initial conception remain in angularity, some of the gesture language, and the psychology of the cubist movement’s unique world-view."

Zur Person

Nationality amerikanisch
Year of birth 1960

Michele Hanlon teaches dance technique and history at the University of Texas at Dallas. She co-directs Elledanceworks Dance Company currently in its 13th season. Her choreographic focus is on exploring human relationships and peculiarities, often with an eye for humor. Her work can be highly theatrical or purely abstract. Hanlon trained at the University of Arizona (BFA) and Texas Christian University (MFA) and danced in repertory companies including Orts Theater of Dance, Dancers unlimited Repertory Company, Contemporary Dance/Fort Worth. She has performed in works by Jonathan Wolken, Gus Solomons Jr., Bill Evans, Lucas Hoving and David Dorfman among many others. Further info: www.ccccd.edu/dance/elledanceworks.html

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