Julien Kho Budorovits & Gia Bao Tu – Winner 2011

Choreography "More than bread"

Title of the choreography More than bread
Videoclip 241 Seconds
  • Julien Budorovits
    Gia Bao Tu
  • Tom Beckert
    Patrick Lee
Video production
  • Shawn Budorovits
    Julien Budorovits
    Gia Bao Tu

"More than bread is a comedy-dance-shortfilm about 2 bboys dancing in school. We combined fighting, dancing and humor to create something new. Our intention is to be an inspiration for other people and to show that dancing is more than just dancing."

Zur Person

Nationality German
Year of birth 1988/1991

Julien Budorovits started dancing when he was 16. As it became a passion, he started to give lessons in Breakdance. When he met Gia Bao Tu, who was training as hard as himself, they decided to do shows and battles. With the idea to make a short film, "Juba-Films" was born. “Bao and Ju” want to inspire as many people as they can, regardless whether they are dancers or not. They dream to make more films with other great dancers - and that maybe one day something great will happen.

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