SideBySide art center

SideBySide art center defines its main purpose in supporting and cultivating art and culture, stage-play and dance. In general, we try to help talented artists of any genre. In detail, SideBySide art center especially wants to give social support to young people in the areas of art, culture, training and education. Thus, the association exclusively and immediately serves public welfare purposes.

SideBySide art center offers artists of all kinds a new cultural platform. Always on behalf of their urges - communication, exchange and public images - the association tries to bring artists of different genres together and paves the way for their artistic development (side by side). Young talents as well as renowned artists can use this platform to get into contact with each other, to participate in a project or to find a new and individual way of presenting themselves effectively to the public.

The SideBySide-Team

Mario Alfonso

is the founder of SideBySide art center and creative director of SideBySide-net. He received a classical ballet education at the Scala in Milan (Accademia die Salesiani, Maestro Venditti) and studied stage-dance and choreography at Folkwang Academy in Essen. After several projects and productions of his own he won a competition called "Start-Art", which was initiated by the North-Rhine Westphalian Ministry of Economy. His idea to open a special cultural institution for artists of different genres was honored by the jury: SideBySide Art Center was born. In the following, he developed world’s first internet-dance festival SideBySide-net, which today has established itself as a cross-cultural platform for choreographers of different styles from all over the world.

Till Thomsen

is the technical director of SideBySide art center and Mario Alfonsos partner from day one. While his primary occupation is in the area of occupational safety and health, he has always tried to combine his interest in technical aspects with his passion for dance theatre: Already during his days of school and studies, he worked as light technician in the Sauerlandtheater in Arnsberg and as technical director for “neue wuTh” in Wuppertal. Then, with the foundation of SideBySide Art Center, he took over its technical direction. In the curse of the internet dance festival SideBySide-net he is - amongst many other things - responsible for the smooth technical process of the live-events.

Stanley Vitte

is the press officer and public relations agent of SideBySide art center. He studied Social Sciences in Düsseldorf and European Politics in Brighton. Since 1998 he has been working as freelance journalist and author. His references include Goethe Institut, Focus Online, german news agency ddp, radio North-Rhine Westphalia, the public-service German television channel ZDF as well as several news papers and PR-agencies. Since 2005 he is responsible for the internal and external communication of SideBySide Art Center.